It is almost a tradition, that every fall my dad, brother and I go on a little family vacay, usually to somewhere where there's a football match happening.. Last year it was Milan, this year, the amazing Barcelona. 

I have never been to Spain, so this trip was a totally new experience for me. I wanted to see everything of course, and we had time for a lot, but we did not want to be in a rush every day. It was a week of long sleeps and quality time together. 

Barcelona totally blew my mind, it truly is as amazing as everybody says. The streets, the architecture, the people, the atmosphere- all is to die for! Everywhere you look there's something to see, I had such a hard time to limit the photos I show you.. :)

I can't not mention the shopping.. Holy moly.. I could not contain my excitement when i saw the COS and & Other Stories shops... The latter became my favorite store, I think I could dress head to toe in those things, all day every day! Such a shame that they don't ship to Hungary! :(

The one thing that stood out for me is without a doubt the Sagrada Familia. It was the shock of my life, how beautiful and unique it is, inside and outside as well. This church definitely should be on everybody's bucket list. 

All in all, I loved spending time in Barcelona, I hope you like the pictures! Let me know what are your thoughts, have you ever been?

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