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Since the blogging wagon stopped for a while, I never got a chance to write about my travel to Thailand. I have never been there before, and in January we decided to take a family trip, well it was all worth it.

We stayed in Phuket, mainly at Patong beach, but for our 14 days there we took many trips to different villages and beaches. My favorite was definitely Racha-beach, it's a secluded island in the middle of nowhere, but with sea so blue I could not believe my eyes. It was picture perfect, like in a catalouge. I even collected some corals and seashells, and imagined decorating my own house with them one day. 

I am a huge fan of Tripadvisor, and long before i travel somewhere I always check the things worthy to do, or places to go. Thanks to this handy website, I found out that near to our hotel you actually have a chance to swim and play with baby elephants in the sea. It was so surreal, they are the cutest animals, so gentle yet so enourmous. They gave me so many kisses!

Altough Thailand is gorgeous, Phuket is also very very crowded, smelly and dirty as heck. For the first few days I was in shock of how much waste there is on the streets, but soon you get used to it. Even, I think Thailand is not for the faint-hearted, it's not your typical european holiday that's for sure. But the beautiful nature makes up for everything, and hey, it isn't so bad to be in 40 degree heat in January. My partner and I are planning to go for a winter-holiday this year too, we are thinking Bali. Any recommendations are welcomed! 

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